Dwelling Fire Insurance

When deciding on the best way to protect your home and belongings from unthinkable disasters, it is best to have all the facts in front of you. In the insurance world, there are a wide variety of options for a homeowner. Deciding which types of insurance policies are right for you can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to your home.

Dwelling Fire Insurance is designed to insure residences you own or have a financial interest in but do not live in. Common situations that call for this type of insurance coverage include rental homes, homes with deeds that are transferred to a relative or LLC for tax purposes or 3 &4 family homes that you reside in that do not typically qualify for the standard HO policy. Liability insurance for these properties can be included in the policy or handled through alternative means.

We can answer your questions such as; Who Needs Dwelling Fire Coverage? How Much Coverage Will You Need? What is Covered? and What Coverage Can Be Added or Removed Based on Occupancy?

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