Tying the Knot - Can You Get Wedding Insurance?

Sep 28, 2022

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Tying the Knot - Can You Get Wedding Insurance?

It is somewhat significant to tie the knot. But, like any critical life event, getting married will prompt your loved ones to share advice on how to create a fantastic day. One advice frequently is to take it all in since the day will fly by.

However, with all the preparation for a wedding, it's crucial to have questions ready. This frees you to concentrate on the love festival.

Have you given any thought to purchasing wedding insurance?

Insurance for Cancellations

If you have to postpone or cancel your wedding, cancellation insurance will assist you in recovering any deposits you've already paid to your vendors. In addition, most policies recognize that making a cancellation claim is appropriate in cases of family illness, military deployment, and severe weather.

Therefore, you might consider cancellation insurance a crucial choice if you're planning your wedding in the Florida Keys during hurricane season.

Liability Protection

While liability insurance isn't always necessary, the location of your wedding may make a difference. You could need liability insurance if you use a historic barn. This is a wise choice because it safeguards both you and yourself.

Another sort of insurance to take into account is host liquor liability coverage. It guards against drunk driving accidents, which regrettably can occur at weddings.

Coverages and Exclusions Additional

Many insurance companies include extra coverages for items like dresses and tuxedos, pictures and films, coverage for rescheduled events, and even gifts (protecting against theft).

But remember that every insurance provider is unique regarding coverage, exclusions, and restrictions. For example, while one insurance provider might provide coverage for a post-wedding luncheon, another insurer would not pay for the mimosas and crepes the following morning. Ask to be specific.

Riders for Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance typically only covers specific scenarios, but you can increase your coverage by adding extra insurance riders. Additionally, common riders might be available, including:

Military service:

If you or your companion are a member of the armed forces or the active reserves and are called to active duty, an army service rider will cover the costs of rescheduling your event.

Wedding gowns and tuxedos:

If the store where you bought your dress or tuxedo closes, leaving you without your apparel or deposit, this rider will help pay the cost of new clothing.


If you must postpone your honeymoon due to inclement weather or illness, a honeymoon rider might reimburse you for your travel costs.

What is the price of wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance costs vary depending on several variables:

  • Your location
  • The issuing insurance
  • Protection amounts
  • Size of the wedding
  • Alternative riders

A simple cancellation and postponement policy typically costs between $100 and $500. A general liability insurance policy with a $1 million accident and injury limit cost approximately $125.


So, should you purchase wedding insurance if you plan to get married? When it is time to choose if you need wedding insurance, make sure to inquire. You may be sure that your neighborhood insurance agent or carrier will be delighted to respond to your questions, in addition to asking about the insurance policy of your vendors (so you don't get duplicate coverage).

There will be many memories from your wedding. This blog discusses why wedding insurance is crucial€”looking forward to getting wedding insurance? Contact us to learn more and resolve your related concern.