Does Home Insurance Cover Holiday Displays and Decorations?

Dec 07, 2022

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Does Home Insurance Cover Holiday Displays and Decorations?

Depending on your insurance provider and the terms of your home insurance policy, you may be entitled to some compensation for damage/ loss of holiday decorations and displays.

Should One File a Claim for Stolen Outdoor Displays and Decorations?

Home insurance pays for costs incurred when your house or possessions get damaged during an unfortunate incident. Outdoor displays and decorations come under your possession and are covered under most home insurance or renters' policy. Nonetheless, there may be times when they are not covered.

You may file a claim for stolen outdoor displays and decorations, if your homeowner's insurance policy does not cover these items. By filing a claim, you may get compensated for your loss.

Christmas Decorations

Standard homeowner policies cover trees, plants, and shrubs when damaged by fire. Although according to a study, most policies only cover up to 5% of your housing coverage or around $500 per item.

Generally, you should be protected if you have basic home insurance coverage and your Christmas tree or any other holiday decorations catch fire.

Outdoor Light Displays

Use only outdoor lights and extension wires when decorating the exteriors. Also, don't overload the outlets when putting together your holiday light display. Allstate is a national carrier€”and shouldn't be quoted unless the insurance provider deals with Allstate-- Billing & Claims - Abatelli Group, Inc.

It is always a good idea to have holiday lights plugged into an outdoor receptacle that is properly wired. You can also install a GFCI outlet near your display for added safety.

Normal Wear and Tear

Remember that regular wear and tear and other routine damage to your outdoor Christmas decorations are not covered by a conventional insurance policy.

For instance, a typical home insurance coverage won't pay out if rodents chew through lights and other outdoor decorations.

You should consider buying an all-risk policy if you want your house to be covered beyond the usual coverage against theft, vandalism, and fire.

Other Concerns

Between 2015 and 2019, the number of house structure fires in the United States that started with decorations but didn't involve Christmas trees was predicted to be 790 per year on average.

A civilian fire death, 26 civilian fire injuries, and $13 million in direct property damage were all caused by these fires annually on average.

Final Thoughts!

While decorating for the holidays can be fun, it is crucial to be aware of some safety concerns. Ensure all your decorations are properly wired and follow all safety guidelines when putting them up. And remember to check with your home insurance company to see if they cover damage caused by your holiday decorations.

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