Involved in an Accident? Here's How a Car Insurance Claim Works

Mar 18, 2021

Car Insurance

Involved in an Accident? Here's How a Car Insurance Claim Works
If you have recently been involved in an accident it could, unfortunately, translate to financial liabilities on your vehicle, depending on how badly it was damaged. If you have insurance, congrats! However, navigating the car insurance claim process can be tricky. There is a lot of emphasis placed on buying insurance, but not many people know what to do during the claims process. In this guide, we will break down the car insurance claim and what to do if you ever get in an accident.

Talk to Your Claims Representative

The first step of the claims process is talking with a claims representative after your accident. This claims representative will discuss damage to your vehicle, estimate of repairs, your policy coverage, and other relevant information to ensure you're on the same page with your insurer. It is often easy to monitor the progression of your claim by logging into your account on your insurer's website.

Use a Rental Car

While the claim validation is ongoing, you will need to make arrangements for a rental or another car you can use while the process continues. Most auto insurance policies have a rental reimbursement allowance which will cover the daily charge of your vehicle, eliminating additional out-of-pocket costs.

Await the Investigation

When there is more than one vehicle involved in the accident, you will need to wait for the insurance representative to conduct an investigation. This investigation will cover all parties involved and ensure that all areas are covered. The representative will determine liability, cost of repair and parties to be settled.

Repair Your Vehicle

Once the investigation is complete, your vehicle can then be repaired at any auto repair shop of your choosing. Some insurers have partner shops they will recommend for you but the decision rests in your hands, especially if you have a repair shop you already trust.

Give Feedback

Although it may not seem important, feedback is crucial to help you improve the processes of your insurer. This will help them to fix any problems they may have with their processes and offer better service to you and other customers the next time around. Giving honest feedback is a critical procedure that will help your insurer fine-tune their process and make your next claims experience faster and better. If you have never gone through the claims process, this is a guide that will help you get through smoothly. If you are having problems during your claims process, contact your insurer for immediate resolution. If you are looking for a reliable insurer for your vehicle, you can check us out at Abatelli. We will help you to find a suitable insurer for your vehicle in no time. Contact us today!