What Can Affect Your Auto Insurance?

Mar 09, 2017

Car Insurance

What Can Affect Your Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is a policy that gives you financial protection should you be involved in a traffic accident, but nothing is set in stone. What can affect your auto insurance?

Your auto insurance policy is directly linked to your life and your habits. If your life experiences major change, you can expect that change to reverberate to your insurance premium. It's true with auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and just about all forms of insurance out there. Knowing what changes in your life can bring auto insurance premium changes can be helpful when confronted with choice. Here are a few things that can affect your auto insurance premium.
  1. Car Make & Model Some cars have certain safety features that others do not, thus making some safer than others. And, statistically speaking, people who drive those cars file fewer auto insurance claims than drivers in other cars. If you get a new car, you should update your policy and expect your rate to change.
  2. Residence Change Insurance companies use zip code as well to determine your premium. Some zip codes have higher incidents of theft/vandalism, while others have lower. If you move, your new zip code could affect your premium.
  3. Accidents and Violations Previous accidents could affect your premium too. Why? Well, by crashing into another driver, you were essentially telling your auto insurance company that you are not a very good driver. Many insurance companies offer "accident forgiveness." This add-on, your premium won't go up after your first at-fault accident.
Changes in your life may cause an increase in your policy, but that does not mean you should go uninsured: it's not only illegal, it's reckless. Make sure that your car is protected with the right auto insurance policy. Contact Abatelli Group, Inc. for a proper quote on your insurance needs.