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7 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm Without Big Energy Bills This Winter

It’s that time of year again – we’re all getting ready for the cooler months ahead. This year, you may find yourself working or studying from home more often, which begs the question – how can I heat my home without the enormous energy bill? Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Here are just a few ways to keep your home warm without the sky-high bill. 

Keep blankets nearby

If you spend a lot of time in one or two rooms, consider having a supply of blankets in each space. Blankets can instantly transform a room from cold to cozy. When you feel warmer with a blanket, you’re less tempted to turn on the heating and burn through energy. 

Insulate hot water pipes

When the hot water pipes are left exposed in cold, drafty areas, it uses more energy to heat up the water. To prevent higher bills – and prevent the chance of frozen pipes – wrap insulation around the pipes. 

Dress in layers

In winter, thermals are your best friend. Dress for the cooler weather – even if you’re just going to be around the house. Layer up with multiple long-sleeve t-shirts and sweaters. This will help you feel warmer when working around the house so that you don’t turn to the thermostat.

Let the sunlight in

It’s important to use as much natural – and free – heat as possible. Open up the curtains to let the sunshine in and benefit from that free heat source. For windows that don’t receive any sunlight, consider keeping the curtains closed during the day so that as little heat is lost as possible. 

Seal up windows and doors

Walk around your home to spot any holes or gaps that could be letting in cold air through doors and windows. Now is the time to seal up cracks to prevent heat loss. If the caulking around windows and doors is old and cracking, remove it and reapply. This will help to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. 

Stock up on rugs

Although exposed wood floors make quite the impact, they can be cold to touch. Throughout the cooler months, consider buying some big rugs to lay down to drastically reduce heat loss through the floor. Not only does this help your energy bills, but it makes everything feel cozier inside the house, too.

Utilize home cooking

Perhaps you find yourself cooking more often these days. If that’s the case, choose to use your oven more. Roast veggies and then blend them to create delicious soups and stews. Not only will you warm up with a hot meal, but the oven will help to heat your home. Although you should never use the oven as a form of heating, you can benefit from a warmer kitchen when you’re cooking. 

These are just a few ways to help keep your home warm without the large energy bills. Secure reliable homeowners insurance that protects you through disasters. Call one of our trusted advisors at Abatelli Group, Inc. We are ready to get you the protection and peace of mind you need.

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