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How to Create a Self-Care Sanctuary in Your Home

We’re all spending a bit more time at home lately. Between working from home and cooking every meal, it’s important to find a bit of peace of quiet in our homes. Self-care is a term often thrown around, but it is really just about creating a space that makes you feel comfortable at ease. So, why not create a self-care sanctuary at home that allows you to relax and unwind?


Choose the right spot. The first step in setting up your self-care sanctuary is to designate a spot in your home where the good vibes will take place. The bathroom and bedroom are ideal spaces for resting. A comfortable chair will also do or perhaps you feel most joyful when in the great outdoors.


Declutter the space. It’s difficult to concentrate and relax in a messy room. Start by organizing your self-care space, removing unwanted items, and organizing surfaces so that there are more clean and clear areas.


Tone down the tech. Even if you want to unwind to your favorite TV show, it’s best to remove as much technology from your self-care space as possible. Unplug for a bit to truly reap the benefits.


Wash the windows. Get rid of dust and grime from inside and outside of the windows to let that restorative natural light flow into the room.


Add in living plants. Happy greenery evokes the calm of nature, looks lovely, and purifies the air. Get started by adding in a spider plant or two, or a nice palm that brightens up the space.


How are you creating a self-care sanctuary in the home? Let us know! If you’re looking for personal or commercial insurance during this time, call one of our trusted advisors at Abatelli Group, Inc. We are ready to get you the protection and peace of mind you need.

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