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Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

Tips for safe cruising on a summer road trip.

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road during the summer on an unforgettable journey. It’s often the start of amazing memories! Before you get caught up in planning your next trip, be sure that you don’t overlook safety on the road this summer. Here are some easy safety precautions you can take to remain safe on your road trip.

Prep your vehicle. Perform regular maintenance like oil changes, tune-ups, battery checks, and tire checks. If you’re not sure where to begin, have a qualified technician inspect your vehicle.

Focus on the road. Avoid distracted driving at all times! Leave your cell phone out of reach when you’re behind the wheel so you’re not tempted to pick it up and scroll through social media.

Pack snacks. Sure, picking up food from a drive-thru may be convenient, but it isn’t often healthy food and multitasking behind the wheel takes your attention off the road. Instead, pack snacks like fresh or dried fruit, bottled water, nuts, and seeds.

Take regular breaks. Fatigue and decreased visibility at night can make it harder to drive safely and respond quickly to sudden changes. When you’re feeling tired, pull over for a quick nap or to grab some coffee.

Keep an emergency kit in your car. Prepare for the unexpected by keeping these items in your trunk:

  • Cell phone and charger
  • First aid kit
  • Flares
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Jumper cables
  • Water
  • Blankets

Check your auto insurance. Your auto insurance coverage should be able to help you if you face accident or disaster on your journey. With quality coverage, you can feel rest assured that you are protected.

To learn more about auto insurancecontact Abatelli Group, Inc. for a quote. We can help you secure reliable Whitestone, NY car insurance coverage!


Driving? Turn on Your Do Not Disturb Feature

Stay safe on the roads by preventing distracted driving.

We all know that staying safe behind the wheel means keeping distractions to a minimum. Unfortunately, the rise of the iPhone and smartphones ensure that we are always connected to the digital world. The pings and buzzes of texts and social media apps have the potential to distract a driver from the task at hand. While many people can’t bring themselves to turn off their phone while driving, smartphones are finding new ways to prevent distracted driving.

Apple’s Do Not Disturb mode can help prevent motorists from using their phone at the wheel. This feature stops notifications, alerts, and calls from making any noise, vibration, or lighting up the phone when the screen is locked. Someone who texts a phone with this Apple function will receive an automatic reply saying the person is on the road and unavailable. In emergency situations, recipients of that message will be able to reply with the word “urgent” to push the message through. The driver can then tell that something needs immediate attention and can pull over safely and stop the car.

For more information on how to use Apple’s Do Not Disturb feature, click here.

Similarly, Google added the new mode with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: once turned on, it promises to automatically identify when the user is driving, and cut down on the number of alerts and notifications they receive during that time.

Eliminating distractions from your phone can help you and others to stay safe on the roads. To learn more about auto insurance (open in a new tab), contact Abatelli Group, Inc. for a proper quote on your insurance needs.


Common Causes of Winter Car Breakdowns

Keep your journey running smoothly this winter by avoiding common breakdown issues.  

A breakdown is the bane of any driver’s life, no matter what time of year it is. However, a breakdown in winter is especially unpleasant as the cooler temperatures mean that motorists could be waiting for a tow truck in freezing temperatures. While nothing can replace safe driving habits and an emergency kit, you can avoid some winter breakdowns with these tips.

Dead Battery

It’s harder for car batteries to produce a charge in winter, meaning that it may not be able to produce enough energy to start your car when you turn the key. This could mean that you and your vehicle are left stranded in the cold temperatures.

Before it gets too cold, it’s a good idea to check your battery’s voltage with a voltmeter. Around 12.40-12.75 volts is enough to ensure reliable startups. Anything else and it could mean that you should look into getting a new battery.


Many motorists are driving around with bald tires without even realizing it. Tires are what keeps us in contact with the road, so it’s important to keep them well maintained in winter, especially when the roads are slick and icy. Treads help channel the snow and water away from the tires to help your car grip and maintain traction.

Check your tires before winter weather hits, and continue doing so regularly after it gets cold. Make sure that the tread isn’t too worn down. You can check this by placing a cent in the center of the tread with Lincoln’s head pointed in. If you can see his hair, the tread depth is too low and your tires need to be replaced. Also, ensure that you have your spare tire in the trunk at all times!

Fluids Thickening

When it gets cold outside, motor oil thickens, and that will make it harder for your car to get all the fluids it needs to run properly. Lack of fluids can even cause your car to overheat – in winter!

Get all fluids and oil checked out by your local mechanic. You may need to do a winter oil change and switch to a thinner oil that is rated well for colder temperatures.

To ensure your safekeeping on the roads, and quick roadside assistance if things don’t go to plan, visit the team at Abatelli Group, Inc. who can fit you with reliable auto insurance in Whitestone, New York.


Use These Road Trip Tips for Your Thanksgiving Drive

Heading out on a Thanksgiving road trip? Read this guide first!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many people across the nation are preparing to travel. Whether you’re heading north to visit the in-laws or south to catch a break from the city, it’s essential to prepare for your Thanksgiving road trip beforehand.

Plan Ahead

Take some time now to prepare for your trip. Plot out a route, along with an alternative just in case, and locate rest stops and gas stations. On the day of, put your destination on your GPS device to receive real-time updates about traffic, accidents, and road closures. Before you get on a highway, know your exit by name and number, and what the signs are as you near the off-ramp. Leave early so that you’re not pressured for time as, more than likely, the roads will be busy.

Tune Up the Car

Your tires are what keeps your vehicle on the road so it’s well worth they’re up for a journey before setting off. Check the tire pressure when the car is cold and top up as needed. Also, check that the tires are in good condition and have enough wear to last the entire length of the journey and back. If not, replace them! It’s also a good time to take your car in for a tune-up to get the heating/cooling system checked out, fluids topped up, brakes tested, and oil changed.

Watch Out for Trucks

Remember that larger vehicles take a longer time to come to a complete stop, so avoid cutting quickly in front of them. Be aware of their blind spots and always stay far behind them so that they can see you in their mirrors.

Review Your Emergency Kit

Your car’s emergency supply kit should include a battery-powered radio, flashlight, blanket, jumper cables, first aid kit, bottled water, non-perishable foods, maps, a tire repair kit, and flares. Remember to bring your cell phone car charger, too!

Keepan Eye on It

Distracted driving is a major cause of traffic accidents. Even if the kids are bored in the backseat, don’t take your eyes off the road. Drive safely – and bring games for the children if you need to!

Stay Safe on Fall Roads

The season of fall brings an entirely new set of challenges to the road. Check out our previous blog post about driving safely during fall.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t! Enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday by creating magical memories, not tragic ones. From the team at Abatelli Group, Inc., we hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving road trip. For the auto insurance that you need and deserve before the trip, contact us in Whitestone, New York today.


Do You Need Additional Auto Insurance When Working for Rideshare Companies?

Ride sharing and delivery drivers may be lacking coverage in their auto insurance.

Uber, Lyft, Ride Share, Postmates, DoorDash – the industry of ride-sharing and delivery has blown up! Drivers are (often) paid better than minimum wage, have no set schedule, and get to meet all sorts of people along the way. The general public love this invention, too!

However, since the rise of Transport Network Companies (TNC) and freelance delivery services, there have been disputes over what car insurance coverages should apply to the drivers and passengers.

If you drive for a rideshare company, it’s important that you know that your personal insurance does not cover your activities. Commercial use of your car is specifically excluded from your policy, so anytime you activate your rideshare app, your personal policy effectively deactivates.

Most major rideshare companies have some insurance they can extend to you, but it might not cover every portion of your journey. You need to make sure you have coverage for:

  • When your rideshare app is on but you haven’t yet accepted a ride
  • When you’ve accepted a ride and are en route to pick up
  • When you’re transporting your ride to his or her final destination.

Read your policies carefully and ask your insurance agent if there are any gaps.

To be safe and ensure you’re fully protected, talk to your agent about commercial auto for-hire livery coverage or, more simply, commercial auto insurance. Adding this kind of policy on top of your personal insurance ensures that you’re protected every time you put the key in the ignition, whether you’re doing so personally or professionally.

To learn more about auto insurancecontact Abatelli Group, Inc. for a proper quote on your insurance needs.


Brush Up on These Summer Fun Safety Tips!

Be smart when you swim, grill, and play this summer.

Summer is a time for vacations and relaxation, which is why many of us tend to put our guard down as temperatures soar. In fact, many hospitals and emergency rooms see an increase in visitors during the summer months due to falls, burns, and water-related injuries.

Keep these tips in mind while you and your family enjoy having fun in the sun this summer.


  • Never grill indoors or in any enclosed area.
  • Make sure all guests, children, and pets keep a safe distance from the grill.
  • Keep the grill a safe distance away from anything that could catch fire – house, trees, deck…
  • Always supervise a grill in use.
  • Use grilling tools with long handles, ensuring the chef is safe.
  • Never add lighter fluid to a charcoal grill that is already lit.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions.


  • Teach your children to swim and encourage them to wear safety flotation devices until they are confident.
  • Install fencing to keep people and pets out of the pool without your knowledge.
  • Evacuate the pool in rain and thunderstorms.
  • Make a pool safety kit. Build this kit and keep it in your pool area. Be sure it contains a fully stocked first aid kit and a pair of scissors to cut away clothing or hair that may get stuck in a drain or flotation device. Homeowners should also take a CPR course to be fully prepared.
  • Never swim alone or leave children unattended – even for a couple of minutes.
  • Don’t allow running, diving, or pushing in your pool.

Summer Heat

  • Stay hydrated! Water is your best friend, especially during the hot summer months.
  • Take breaks inside regularly or retreat into the shade when you can.
  • Wear light-colored clothing that won’t absorb the heat.

The team at Abatelli Group, Inc. wishes you a safe and sound summer! Visit us for all of your insurance needs.


Tips to Help You Stay Safe Behind the Wheel This Summer

With the warm weather come the crowds. Stay safe while driving out and about this summer with these safety considerations.

Summertime is almost here! With the weather heating up and the days getting longer, many people go on holiday and take time off work to enjoy the summer sun. While the crowds out and about increase, so does the traffic. The more people on the roads and streets can make driving a challenge. To help you keep your summer driving safe, check out these safety tips and review your auto insurance!


In your neighborhood, on city streets, in parking lots, and near the beach, people are outdoors more often in the summer. Many are more focused on their enjoyment than on personal safety, too. Be aware that children will soon be out of school, and may be playing in the neighborhood streets. It’s up to you to slow down in summer and stay alert.

Bicycles and Motorbikes

Summer is the perfect time to ride a bike – motorcycle or push! Pay attention to bikes approaching and take extra care in areas that attract cyclists.


The sun’s glare is especially bright in summer, making it harder for you to see what’s in front of you while driving. Always have your sunglasses handy when driving into the sun, and be ready to flip down the visor. Quite simply, if you can’t see what’s in front of you, slow down!


Don’t forget about the dangers of parking! Even if you’re just popping out for a minute, it is never acceptable to leave a child or pet inside a locked car on a hot day. Anyone inside the vehicle is vulnerable to injury or even death from heatstroke. At an outside air temperature of 60 degrees, a car’s interior temperature can reach 110 within minutes. Take your child or pet in with you, and never risk it – even for a couple of minutes!

Driving is a privilege we all take for granted. Make sure that drive safely this season for the sake of yourself and passengers. Make sure that your car is protected with the right auto insurance policy. Contact Abatelli Group, Inc. for a proper quote on your insurance needs.


What Can Affect Your Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is a policy that gives you financial protection should you be involved in a traffic accident, but nothing is set in stone. What can affect your auto insurance?

Your auto insurance policy is directly linked to your life and your habits. If your life experiences major change, you can expect that change to reverberate to your insurance premium. It’s true with auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and just about all forms of insurance out there. Knowing what changes in your life can bring auto insurance premium changes can be helpful when confronted with choice. Here are a few things that can affect your auto insurance premium.

  1. Car Make & Model
    Some cars have certain safety features that others do not, thus making some safer than others. And, statistically speaking, people who drive those cars file fewer auto insurance claims than drivers in other cars. If you get a new car, you should update your policy and expect your rate to change.
  2. Residence Change
    Insurance companies use zip code as well to determine your premium. Some zip codes have higher incidents of theft/vandalism, while others have lower. If you move, your new zip code could affect your premium.
  3. Accidents and Violations
    Previous accidents could affect your premium too. Why? Well, by crashing into another driver, you were essentially telling your auto insurance company that you are not a very good driver. Many insurance companies offer “accident forgiveness.” This add-on, your premium won’t go up after your first at-fault accident.

Changes in your life may cause an increase in your policy, but that does not mean you should go uninsured: it’s not only illegal, it’s reckless. Make sure that your car is protected with the right auto insurance policy. Contact Abatelli Group, Inc. for a proper quote on your insurance needs.


Personal Liability Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

Personal liability insurance may protect you from financial disaster, but what are the odds you will ever have to use it? Do you really need personal liability insurance? 

Personal liability insurance protects all of your assets by paying claims and damages made against you in case you injure other people or other property.

The good news is that if you have auto, renters, or homeowners insurance, you already have some coverage.

If you hit someone with your car your auto liability insurance kicks in to pay for the damages to the car and the other person’s bodily injuries. If someone falls down your stairs and breaks their leg, or injures themselves in some other manner, your homeowners liability insurance will cover the medical bills. These are all, of course, up to a limit.

But what about everything else that is not covered by your home or auto insurance? Or the amount for which you are liable surpasses your covered amounts? This is where umbrella insurance can step in to cover the gaps that are not covered by your home and auto insurance.

If your limit on your homeowners insurance policy is only up to $500,000 and the accident which you caused leads to being a $1 million dollar lawsuit, you are going to be in trouble. About half-a-million dollars in trouble. An umbrella policy can cover that amount, but only after your home/auto insurance policy is tapped out.

This is one reason that umbrella insurance policies are inexpensive. And their price is one of the reasons you want to take advantage of an umbrella insurance policy and be covered for any possible accident.

Make sure that you are protected with the right umbrella insurance policy. Contact Abatelli Group, Inc. for a proper quote on your insurance needs.

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