December 2016


End-of-the-Year Checklist for Small Businesses in Whitestone

As the end of the year winds down, small businesses in Whitestone need their owners now more than ever–make sure your business is ready for the new year. 

Before you go out and purchase your 2017 party hat and shades, make sure that you have your business taken care of. As a small business owner, you know there is a lot for you to do at the end of the year. Ensure you hit the ground running in 2017 by paying attention to your business accounting and IT. Here is what you need to do for your small business before we turn the final page of 2016 and start a new chapter in 2017.

  1. Analyze Your Cash Flow Statements
    You need to know how your money was spent throughout the year so you can restrict a little here and a little there. You want to take a look at the following three forms of your business’ cash flow:
    – Operating activities
    – Investing activities
    – Financial activities
  2. Run Standard Reports
    Use this time to review where your business stands financially and how that compares to your previous years and what that could mean for the future. You want to create a complete financial report–you can use an accounting software to do so.
  3. Back Up Your Data
    Make sure that all of your files (accounting, client files, creative briefs, emails, etc.) are backed up and secure. You should secure them on an external hard drive and on the cloud.
  4. Back Up Your Contacts
    Most of us simply store our contacts on a digital file and no longer use a phone book. But what if the disc on which your data is stored becomes corrupt? Your contacts are gone forever. Make a habit to write down your contacts or store them on the cloud.

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

The winter may be a beautiful season but it is not without its own risks. In this case, driving becomes more dangerous and you should know how to stay safe. 

The winter brings snow and ice, which may be beautiful for a National Geographic nature documentary, but it is nothing short of annoying and dangerous when it comes to driving. The winter roads become a lot more dangerous when snow falls and ice forms, but there are some steps you can take to lower your chances of an accident. Here are a few winter driving safety tips you can use to help you stay safe while you drive during the winter.


Your tires are not made for gaining traction in the snow and can slip and slide at any given moment. Make sure that you are prepared and install your snow tires before the first snow of winter falls.

As the cold temperatures arrive, your tire pressure will lessen. This is because of the ideal gas law which states that as temperature drops, pressure follows. It applies to the atmosphere, your tires, and, yes, even footballs. Ensure that your tire pressure is at the optimal level, especially during the winter; refer to the owner’s manual to know your car’s recommended psi.

Windows & Mirrors

If you park your car outside overnight, you will have ice that condensates onto your windshields and mirrors. Invest in an ice scraper to scrape the ice in the morning. You can turn on your car and start the heat for about five minutes to simplify this task.

Driving Practices

With ice on the roads, it’s important that you leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. That way, you will have plenty of time and space to come to a full stop should the other car come to a sudden stop.

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